With Mary Matero, I clicked “5” on her ratings across the board only because I couldn’t click a “6”. Mary was relentless in her approach to sell our home. Because of circumstances with the housing bubble and the need to move quickly because of a job situation, we needed to go the short sale route to move on. Mary is an expert with a short sale. She is obviously a veteran of working through this very tedious process, and in the end led us through the maze the banks put you through. It was on the market by Nov 2014, she had 3 offers by early December because she priced it perfectly, and the short sale was agreed to by our two lenders by January. We closed in mid March. Smooth operation all the way around, hardly the 12-month headache I’ve heard others have gone through. She was always accessible for questions within the hour, helped expedite all processes, was sympathetic to our constraints of being 3 hours away and being pinched for time, on and on and on. She even has a great sense of humor! She knows real estate, she knows short sales, and she knows how to be a human being instead of being a teflon, insincere, cold-hearted realtor like we’ve all seen many times before. I wish Mary well in the future, and highly recommend her.

— BF McLaughlin