Michael, as team leader for KW, I would like to tell you about my recent wonderful experience with Mary Matero.I am a former real estate broker from the Washington DC area active in the business since 1972. In my years in the business and 11 of those having my own companies, I have encountered hundreds of agents and transactions, many frought with poor attention to detail and lack of desire to succeed, including those in my offices.

First and foremost, when a customer responds to an advertisement the Broker has paid for, that agent needs to “work” the customer. If the property inquired about is not suitable, the agent should endeavor to locate a suitable property. After all, they did call regarding an interest in property. It’s still a SALES business.

We originally contacted Mary regarding a property in Ormond Beach 6 or 7 months ago. She was quick to respond, providing several other listings to consider since we were travelling 7 hours from SC. While looking at those properties we ran across an REO property that caught our eye. Mary doggedly tried to get info from the REO company, but was not successful. None of the properties we looked at held any interest for us. At the end of November, she had been watching the property (not at our urging-by the way) and it had finally been entered into MLS. She called us asked us if we would still be interested in seing it. We came, liked it and put in a back-up offer that ultimately went through and we closed 12/23. Mary was always responsive to any and all requests from me and it was difficult at best for her and I to deal with the REO company. She is an excellent agent and her attention to detail is second to none. More impressively is the attitude of once you have a customer, follow up, ALWAYS prospect, always think of putting a deal together.Drum this into your agents at the next sales meeting.

I have already referred a customer to her and will continue to do so as the situation arises.

Please take the time to pat her on the back for a job well done and furthering the KW name and reputation.

— Daniel Wastler